Friday, 26 July 2013


Hey Guys,
I got a letter in the mail, and the first thing i see is a big 18 on the front. Then it got me thinking of the things that i want to do now that i am 18 and have become an adult, so i put them in a list of my Top 3. Enjoy.

Told you the 18 was big ;)

1. Skydiving 
As scary as it sounds i find that i will enjoy it and i will just have to push myself.

2. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge
This looks absolutely amazing and i can just imagine how lovely the view would be from the top of the bridge, i'm already getting excited.
If anyone is interested i'll put the link ---->

3. Shooting Range
i have always wanted to go to a shooting range i've heard it's a really good experience even the adrenaline rush that comes from it, it even looks like fun maybe a bit scary but fun.

Till next time

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